Training tactical operators efficiently is often a tough challenge when not equipped properly.  The 58th SOW unit put our customization abilities to the test by utilizing our new Flex-Rack Series foundational frame to maximize floor space and training areas in this Human Performance Facility.   There are a total of eight custom Flex-Rack units.  Each Flex-Rack contains a Functional Training Rack (FTR) attached to a 6-post Power Rack.  This means you can have between 6-9 operators at a station. That is up to 72 tactical athletes throughout the eight custom stations.  The FTR’s are all equipped with our Fly-Away chin bar design. The Power Racks have our standard Multi-Grip chin bar. One section was a completely custom Monkey Bar connecting link.

With extremely limited space within the repurposed room, being creative with storage was extremely important.  Each custom link is equipped with extra barbell storage, shelving, and custom rolling carts made for HAVAK Triad dumbbells. Custom branding throughout the room was designed with intent and purpose to encourage operators to use the room daily and use the expertise of Human Performance staff. This room features an abundance of Samson accessories featuring our Dual Malak attachments, Jammer Arms, Safety Straps, Single Leg Squat Attachments, Band Attachment Pegs and Bands. Two new products were designed and rolled out, Belt Squat and Monolift Attachments.  Great brands and vendors helped round this room out featuring Kabuki Strength, Spud Inc, Concept2, Havak Triad, Dynamax, Tsunami Bar,  Rogue Fitness, and Troy Barbell.

As the Human Performance sector grows within the United States Military we are looking forward to servicing the brave men and women that protect and serve our country.

“Working with the military it is hard to purchase anything directly. Samson was willing to work with other companies to make the process happen in a timely manner and to get everything we needed. We’ve gone further then I ever imagined or that I’ve ever seen in a weight room. There are things that I never really thought of if I would of just went with a regular joe off the street. With Samson, everything is customizable. It really is crazy to say but your dreams come true. Not just to make it happen but the expertise, and the knowledge from the Samson staff themselves allowed us to get there. You need people with a performance mindset and Samson has that.” – Justin Schwind

58th SOW
Kirtland, AFB